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At our school in Hawaii, our garden is growing in beautiful and unexpected ways. We are proud to be part of a school community that is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our garden is full of locally sourced produce, flowers, herbs, and more. With the help of students, faculty, and staff we have been able to cultivate a vibrant and diverse selection of plants that bring a sense of peace and beauty to our campus. Through the use of composting, permaculture techniques, and integrated pest management we are able to create an environment that is beneficial for both humans and wildlife. Our school garden hasSchool gardens in Hawaii offer numerous benefits for students, educators, and the local community. By establishing gardens in school campuses, students can learn about the importance of healthy eating and how to grow their own food. Educators can use the garden as an outdoor classroom to help teach topics such as nutrition, horticulture, and environmental science. Additionally, the garden can be a source of fresh produce that can be used in school lunches or donated to local food banks. Finally, the garden provides a place of respite for students and staff alike, allowing them to reconnect with nature and cultivate a sense of peace and sustainability

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Rich Digital Content

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Soil and Compost

Creating a successful school garden in Hawaii requires the right soil and compost. While soil is the most important component of any garden, it’s especially important to ensure that your soil is nutrient-rich when gardening in Hawaii. Compost is another essential ingredient for any school garden, as it helps to improve the soil structure and add essential nutrients. Depending on the type of garden you are creating, you may need to purchase different types of compost.

Gardening Tools


Hawaii’s school gardens have been a valuable asset for the local communities, providing students and teachers with a hands-on learning experience that has improved student engagement and academic performance. Not only do these gardens provide fresh produce for the school lunchrooms and other programs, but they also offer sustainable solutions to food insecurity within the state. Through the implementation of integrated pest management techniques, school gardens are teaching students valuable lessons in ecology and conservation while strengthening the relationship between schools and their local communities. By investing in school garden programs, Hawaii is striving to become a healthier and more sustainable

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